Florida Bird Photography Locations

Cape Coral Burrowing Owls

City: Cape Coral

GPS: N26 34.739 W81 59.697

There are many areas in Cape Coral that have Burrowing Owls. With these constantly changing due to development and other factors it would almost be a fulltime job to keep a list of them up to date. For that reason I will only highlight one main location. Other locations can be found on the linked map below or by driving around the area. The main area to look is on roads off of Skyline Dr. You want to look on the ground within the first 30 feet or so from the street, known as the swell. Most burrows are staked with white PVC posts, signs and an awful looking T-Perch. There may or may not be surveyors tape tied between the PVC posts.

One of the more reliable areas to find these little guys is around the Cape Coral Library. The street that runs in front of the Library generally has the majority of the burrows. As these little guys are use to people it is not generally too hard to get close. Keep a distance of 20' or more. If they puff-up attempting to be bigger / taller or start making clicking sounds or bobbing their head they are not comfortable with how close you are or your actions. They will be more tolerant if you're sitting on the ground.

Almost any lens can be good here. Typically they are out in the early morning and the late afternoon. Do not walk or step inside the staked areas. It takes very little weight to collapse their borrows possibly trapping an owl(s) inside.

Cape Coral Borrowing Owl Map

Directions: Take Pine Island Road west to Skyline Blvd. Make a left on Skyline and continue until you reach Mohawk Parkway. There will be a Wal-Mart Grocery (green signage) on your right. Make a right on Skyline then a right on SW 9th Ct. Continue to the next intersection you will then be facing the entrance to the library. One can also reach Skyline Blvd from Ft. Myers by coming across Veterans Memorial Parkway / Colonial Blvd or Cape Coral Parkway / Collage Parkway.